Motorcycle Injury Lawyer for Medical Bills

As your motorcycle injury lawyer I make sure that you are receiving the medical attention you deserve and that you are financially protected in regard to your medical bills.

motorcycle injury lawyer NJContrary to public perception, the other party’s insurance company is not responsible to immediately pay for your medical bills from the accident.

We help many of our clients who do not have medical coverage find ways to receive the best medical care possible, while investigating available medical assistance programs.

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Most motorcycle injury victims believe that if someone else is at fault for their NJ motorcycle accident, then the other person’s insurance company will take care of their medical bills, the wage loss and, perhaps most importantly, pain and suffering compensation.

Nothing could not be farther from the truth.

The reality is that the other insurance company does not care about your losses – their own bottom line and protecting their own customer is their priority.

Right or wrong, this is the reality we are all faced with. This is why you hire a motorcycle injury attorney.

New Jersey motorcycle injury lawyer Lee Gaber is very experienced with helping injured bikers get their medical bills reimbursed after their accident.

The “No-Fault” Law is a Complete Misnomer

What the phrase “No-Fault” actually stands for is a principle wherein if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, such as a motorcycle accident, regardless of who is at fault for the accident the injured party is responsible to pay for their own medical bills.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers and Medical Bills Reimbursement

New Jersey law does not require insurance companies offering motorcycle coverage to provide medical benefits.

Additionally, instead of everyone who is employed having employer-sponsored medical insurance, in the current economy, employer coverage has become the exception.

It gets worse.

If you are seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, and don’t have any private medical benefits, you are still legally responsible to pay for your medical bills resulting from your motorcycle accident.

This is the law and it makes no difference to the medical billing departments who was responsible for the injuries. Their stance is simply that you are the one that received medical care from them, therefore they expect payment from you.

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What Can Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Do?

There are some ways I can, as your motorcycle injury lawyer, legally get your motorcycle injury accident medical bills paid.

The most common method for motorcycle injury lawyers to do this is to attempt to resolve your motorcycle accident claim quickly, and to not accept a motorcycle accident settlement that short changes you.

Just because Pennsylvania and New Jersey are “No-Fault” states does not mean that those responsible for your injury are off the hook. They are ultimately responsible to pay for your medical bills if they are still outstanding when the case resolves, IF they have sufficient insurance coverage to do so.

Motorcycle injury lawyers can also negotiate motorcycle medical bills on your behalf.

Despite their high bills, most medical providers are used to only receiving about 20% of the amount they charge.

In my motorcycle accident law firm we can normally negotiate with the medical providers to accept a fraction of what you actually owe.

However, please understand that the typical driver usually does not have more than $25,000-$100,000 in total liability coverage on their vehicle. This represents the amount you can recover from the insurance.

So while we may be able to use some of this recovery to cover outstanding medical bills, that means there will be less money to compensate you for pain and suffering, or any lost wages resulting from your injury.

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To avoid this dilemma, purchase as much uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage on your own motorcycle policy as you can.

This coverage allows you the ability to collect additional injury compensation if you are injured by someone who did not purchase enough coverage to fully compensate you for all of your motorcycle injuries and damages.

Free motorcycle accident case review in NJ

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