New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Claims Lawyer

When a New Jersey motorcycle accident claim is filed, you can be sure of one thing: The insurance company will be looking out for themselves first with any New Jersey motorcycle accident claims.

nj-motorcycle-accident-claimThat’s why you need someone in your corner who is prepared to fight for you.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey motorcycle injury attorney Lee Gaber combines level-headedness and experience with a passion for justice when dealing with your New Jersey motorcycle accident claim.

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Initiating a claim is not the same thing as “suing” someone

One of the most common misconceptions about hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer for accident claims is that it means the client is “looking to sue”. Or that they will automatically end up in court, which most people rightly wish to avoid if they can.

Many clients who contact our New Jersey offices actually apologize for needing a motorcycle accident lawyer – as if demanding fair treatment and protecting yourself, your property, and your family is something to apologize for!

The fact of the matter is, contacting us does not mean that you’re looking to sue anyone.

We have two main goals in our practice:

  1. To take some of the stress out of a very traumatic and tension-filled situation.
  2. To make sure you are being treated fairly by the insurance companies – a goal that is often accomplished by settling your motorcycle accident claim outside of the court rooms of New Jersey.

By choosing to let us help with your claim, you take a great first step by contacting one of the top motorcycle accident specialists in the field; and one who has achieved significant success without suing by default in every situation.

Motorcycle Accident Claim Methodology

Here’s how we accomplish our goal of settling your New Jersey motorcycle accident claim:

  • First, I always emphasize that our objective is to make sure your accident claim is set up correctly, and that the insurance companies are aware that a claim is being filed. This helps them anticipate the types of exhibits we will be presenting to the jury if the case does end up in court.
  • Then, we have a conference call to establish a thorough understanding of the facts surrounding your case. During the call, I try to get a grasp on exactly what happened and why.
    • Such details as whether the police or EMTs were called, what, if any, injuries were sustained, to which part(s) of your body, and how severe they are will come out during this conversation.
    • We attempt to determine the amount, type and severity of damage to your motorcycle.
    • We also take steps to make sure that your bike is secure and is not racking up additional unnecessary storage fees.
  • Then we begin to gather documentation to demonstrate property damage, loss of wages, medical bills, and other recoverable damages.
  • At this point we will determine whether your insurance policy contains a so-called subrogation clause which entitles you to reimbursement of any money you paid for medical care.
  • Next, we obtain the name and insurance information for the other party, which is typically included in the initial accident report (of which you should have a copy). If you do not have a copy of the report, you can usually get one by calling the police station to request it, although this can take up to several weeks, depending on how large and busy the police department is.
  • At the same time as we are working through these steps in my office or over the phone, it is sometimes necessary to send investigators to the scene of the accident to establish the accuracy of the police report and to document road conditions.

These tried and true steps have been carefully designed and refined over my years in the field to help us obtain a positive outcome, whether we settle out of court or are forced to file a lawsuit in your New Jersey motorcycle accident claim.

Free motorcycle accident case review in NJ

If we don’t win, I don’t get paid

One of the most common concerns I hear when people contact my law firm is that they are not sure how they will pay for my services.

Let me tell you how simple it is: if we don’t win, I don’t get paid. Either we settle the case in your favor without going to trial, or we go to trial where I fight hard to protect your rights and interests. It’s just that simple.

Call New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer Lee Gaber, Esq. at 888-292-5352 or use our convenient contact form to initiate your no-obligation free case review.