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Never attempt to handle your motorcycle accident claim without an attorney.

The majority of my clients have never been in a motorcycle accident and have never given a second thought to motorcycle personal injury attorneys. They had no idea how to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, and seemed unsure.

Well, I can assure you that after one consultation virtually every single client I work with tells me how much more at ease they felt. This primarily stems from knowing that they are done speaking directly to insurance company representatives.

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So how does this go?

You will likely be asked by both your own insurance company, and the insurance company representing the person causing your accident for permission to record you from your very first phone call.

Don’t allow your calls to be recorded – it is always a mistake. The insurance company rep is a trained professional and will attempt to “put words in your mouth” and may even try to record the call while you are under the influence of pain medication to further strengthen their case against you.

Just tell them “talk to my motorcycle personal injury lawyer Lee Gaber”, and you don’t have to say another word to them.

I personally guarantee that every call to my motorcycle accident law firm will be returned within the same day it is received! This personal service is why our primary source of clients comes through referrals from past clients who have used me us their motorcycle accident attorneys.

Looking for a motorcycle lawyer for property damage? or a motorcycle attorney to recover lost wages? or a motorcycle injury lawyer for medical bills? or pain and suffering compensation?

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