New Jersey Motorcycle Insurance Carrier Advice

Over the years most of my clients have asked me “what insurance company should I use to cover my motorcycle?”.

NJ motorcycle insurance advice Because of my experiences as a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney, I emphatically tell them the same thing… always use a reputable insurance company that has been around a long time. Most of those companies offer cycle insurance as well as car insurance.

I recommend State Farm. If you have State Farm for your automobiles, use State Farm for your bike!

Important Tip for Motorcycle Insurance

The company is important, but also be sure you purchase adequate insurance to cover claims. Don’t count on the other guy having enough insurance to cover your motorcycle accident injuries.

Buy equal amounts of uninsured AND underinsured motorist coverage and ALWAYS buy the “stacking” option.

Many people do not realize how much interaction happens between an insurance company and an attorney in an accident claim in New Jersey. Motorcycle accident lawyers almost always end up negotiating claims with insurance companies on behalf of their clients.

Believe me, I’ve had a lot of interaction with these companies over the years. I know who treats you right on the front end, when they are selling you the insurance; and who negotiates in good faith on the back end, when you are making a claim.

What if I have another carrier?

If you do not have State Farm then get a quote from Rider Insurance. In my opinion, they are the best motorcycle insurance carrier around today and I suspect they will remain the best for quite some time.

If for some reason you can not get Rider then get a quote from Foremost and/or Dairyland. These companies may be a little more expensive than Progressive or GEICO; but when and if you need them, they will be around to pay out claims.

I hope you find this information helpful however, if you have questions about motorcycle insurance coverage, or any other motorcycle related matter, I encourage you to you reach out to me via this website, or you can call my NJ motorcycle accident law firm at 1-888-292-5352 (1-888-CYCLE-LAW).

I am always interested in hearing from my readers and will be happy to address your concerns in my blog. Knowledge benefits everyone.

Note: I receive no financial compensation from any of these companies I am recommending in this article. This is just my personal recommendation from experience.