How a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Turns Into a Settlement

About four years ago a potential client from New Jersey contacted me and advised that his attorney was not returning any of his calls; nor did he bother to update the client concerning the status of his motorcycle accident case.

New Jersey motorcycle accident lawsuitWhen the client explained the facts of his motorcycle accident and the severe nature of his motorcycle accident injuries, I quickly realized this was a serious claim, worth serious money.

He did the right thing by persisting in finding an experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney, to represent him.

It was not an easy negotiation road to go down, and we ended up having to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit to protect the Statute of Limitations.

The Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Activity Begins

As a result of the lawsuit filing, the defendant’s insurance company sent the claim out to their lawyers to litigate the claim and they insisted my client undergo an examination by one of their doctors.

As I have dealt with this insurance carrier before, I knew it was best to comply and send my client to be examined.

The insurance company chose one of the “usual suspects” to perform the examination.

Given the serious nature of his motorcycle accident related injuries, I knew this doctor really couldn’t say anything that would hurt my clients case.

My client’s common sense to retain a new lawyer who deals primarily with New Jersey motorcycle accidents, paid off as I was able to advised my client to attend, to be honest with the doctor and let him examine his leg along with other areas of his body which were injured in the motorcycle accident.

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… And Ends in Victory

After the exam my client called me to tell me how the appointment went, and we waited for the report, which fortunately only took the doctor a few weeks to prepare.

As mentioned, given the severe nature of the injuries, as much as it must have pained the doctor, he could not offer anything to negate or minimize the seriousness of my clients’ injuries.

With the motorcycle accident lawsuit looming, that’s when the case settled!

We recovered the maximum amount of available insurance coverage, without having to take it to court in the motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Hopefully this article will provide incentive for any of you who are injured in a motorcycle accident and are looking for a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer, to hire a real motorcycle accident lawyer, one who rides!

There is a difference, we are not all the same, and ultimately you want an attorney who knows exactly how to successfully handle your motorcycle accident case.

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