NJ Lawyer for Motorcycle Accidents Uses Reconstruction Experts

NJ lawyer, motorcycle accident reconstruction specialists work together to build stronger cases

One of the most commonly uttered comments I hear when I speak with potential clients in the aftermath of their motorcycle accident goes something like this: “It all happened so fast, I don’t remember exactly what happened.”

lawyer motorcycle-njThat is one reason they seek me, a NJ  lawyer, motorcycle rider, and experienced negotiator. Motorcycle accidents sometimes become so complex that the parties involved cannot even come to an agreement about what happened; so forget about agreeing upon liability or damages.

When a claim like this is especially contentious, it may be necessary for your attorney  to hire an accident reconstruction specialist to help secure a positive outcome.

Over the course of my career as a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney, I have come to see the great value of this expert testimony to my clients.

Motorcycle accident reconstruction explained

Accident reconstruction is a method of scientifically recreating the events leading up to a vehicular accident. A reconstruction professional, or reconstructionist, will visit the scene of the accident to take photos and measurements, interview witnesses, review testimony and depositions, view photos, and examine medical documents.

They will also attempt to establish environmental conditions at the time of the crash, account for contributing vehicular and human factors, and assess the quality of signage, visibility, and the general condition of the roadway itself.

Then they apply their knowledge of forensic science, physics, motorcycle dynamics, and other disciplines to these materials. These materials, models, illustrations, and simulations are created to develop possible motorcycle accident scenarios that show exactly what happened, who is liable, and how it might have been prevented.

NJ Lawyers, motorcycle accident reconstruction, and the value of scientific testimony

When working to establish who is at fault in a motorcycle accident, it is incumbent upon the reconstructionist to present scientifically sound, unbiased conclusions, and not to simply regurgitate the views of the attorney.

That way, when the expert testimony, statement, or affidavit is presented, the plaintiff has credible, scientific evidence on their side, which can prove invaluable in strengthening their claim.

When I reach out to an accident reconstruction specialist or team, I am looking for a combination of reputation, experience, honesty, integrity, and professional credentials. In addition to those baseline criteria, I expect a reconstructionist to:

  • Have the ability to competently review the facts at hand
  • Understand the laws and standards at issue
  • Apply the scientific method in the formulation and testing of theories regarding the accident
  • Communicate their conclusions and analysis effectively to both legal experts and lay people

I believe that by seeking out only the most reputable expert witnesses, the credibility of my client’s claim is bolstered.

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