NJ Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer Provides Medical Treatment Recovery

Because of the hazards of motorcycle riding, including the speeds involved and the inherent vulnerability of riders, motorcycle accident injuries often require extensive medical treatment.

nj-motorcycle-accident-injury-lawyerIn my experience as a NJ motorcycle accident injury lawyer I have seen many cases where people recovering from motorcycle accidents have run into trouble covering their medical bills because they didn’t realize how expensive treatment can be, or because they haven’t explored all their options to get the reimbursement they need to cover expenses.

What are Some Medical Treatments Needed After Motorcycle Accidents?

First Responders For Motorcycle Accident Injuries

We are very fortunate in New Jersey to have excellent and well trained EMT’s and paramedics, but the bill for a trip to the hospital will arrive, and as a motorcycle accident attorney, I can assure you it costs more than a taxi ride.

Examination for Trauma

Hospital treatment begins with an examination for trauma to determine what tests are needed. For severe injuries patients are brought, if possible, to a hospital classified as a level one trauma center. These centers have the experience, knowledge, and facilities to handle serious accident cases like motorcycle accidents.

Initial Tests

X-Rays are used to look at affected parts of the body such as the neck, spine, and extremities. For further tests, particularly for areas such as the trunk and head, CT scans are a very valuable and useful tools for imaging, and they run into the thousands of dollars in cost.

The Operating Room

For medical conditions like bleeding in the abdomen, chest, or brain, a visit to the operating room is required, with a subsequent stay for some number of days overnight in the hospital. At this stage, costs are running into the mid-tens of thousands of dollars, and for extended stays in the intensive care unit and lengthy rehabilitation, bills for several hundred thousand dollars or more are common.

As your NJ motorcycle accident injury lawyer, I don’t want to see you fall behind in your medical payments, running the risk of having your treatment shut down because of a lack of ability to pay for it.

The more expensive your bills become, the more an insurance company will fight to limit payments to you, and that is where having a NJ motorcycle accident injury lawyer on your side facilitates proving how you deserve payment and frees you from worry about what bill will come next.

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