Preventing NJ Motorcycle Crash Injuries in Traffic

The best way to prevent NJ motorcycle crash injuries in traffic is to avoid or react effectively to traffic scenarios where motorcycle crash injuries commonly occur.

motorcycle crash injuries NJIn my many years of practice as a New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney, I have repeatedly seen the motorcycle crash injuries that can result from the most dangerous traffic situations that either could not be avoided or were not handled properly.

With years of practice as a leading New Jersey motorcycle lawyer I can tell you that of primary importance, when riding your cycle in traffic, is to never assume that you know what a car driver is going to do. Things that cause a driver to act in an erratic and unexpected manner and cause NJ motorcycle crash injuries include:

  • lack of driver education
  • influence of drugs and alcohol
  • not paying proper attention due to phone use or other activities

Driving Errors That Cars Commonly Make Causing Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Sudden Lane Changes

Random lane changes, made without using a signal, present a danger and a challenge to all of us New Jersey motorcycle riders. In most cases the car simply does not see you. The only way to really combat this is to keep as much distance between you and the cars as possible, and anticipate that a lane change may suddenly happen in front of you.

Ignorance of the Proper Lane to Be In

Traffic laws dictate that vehicles must stay in the lane they started in throughout a turn. Most drivers are unaware of this basic traffic safety standard, and they move across lanes as they are turning, cutting off a motorcycle in the midst of an intersection.

Running Lights and Stop Signs

Intersections are places motorcycle riders are compelled to proceed with extra awareness. Cars are prone to make mistakes where roads meet. Stop signs are missed, lights are run, and there are always cars trying to sneak through at the end of a traffic light’s cycle, despite the fact that the light has already turned.

Cars Backing Up

If a car is coming towards you backwards, beware. There is a good chance they don’t know that you are there, and even if they have a backup camera, they may not be looking at it. It’s hard to move your cycle back, so lay on your horn to let them know you are there to avoid a motorcycle accident.

I have spent a career working with people who have experienced NJ motorcycle crash injuries.

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