Motorcycle Accident Cases

Most often motorcycle riders think of calling a New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer for collision accidents.

NJ motorcycle accident casesThose types of accidents are basically going after any insurance money that is available from the negligent party’s coverage in order to pay for damages to your bike and to reimburse your medical bills if you have no health insurance.

Remember, although other motorcycle accident cases are rare, a motorcycle lawyer can also help you to make claims for a defective motorcycle that is the cause in an accident, as well as cases of unsafe roadways – whether that be due to signage, or road surface issues.


Collisions are the most typical types of motorcycle accidents. They include collisions with cars, trucks, buses, other motorcycles, and even pedestrians. This category encompasses collision where you collide with another vehicle or object and/or where someone collides with you while riding your motorcycle.

In collision cases, it is not always 100% the fault of one driver. This is why it is a good idea to hire a dedicated NJ motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your claim. I am experienced at making arguments that another party was at fault, which results in the highest claim amount possible.

In the next two types of motorcycle accident claims, don’t even think about bringing a claim yourself. These are very hard to prove, and take years of experience to win.

Defective Motocycles

Dangerous motorcycle design or defective manufacturing may be an actionable claims for your motorcycle injuries in the event of an accident. These fall under the broad category of “product liability” claims. In product liability cases a company is usually the defendant, not another individual and their insurance company.

First, let’s look at dangerous designs in these cases. Your bike may be manufactured correctly, with no defects, but the design itself may be deemed unreasonably dangerous. For example, it may be hard to steer, have unreasonable tendencies to fishtail, or require extended braking distances.

Manufacturer defects are typically caught before accidents occur, and are addressed in the form of safety recalls. Of course several accidents usually occur before these defects are brought to the manufacturer’s attention. The work of motorcycle accident attorneys often bring these to light.

Safety recalls are often required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), but may also be from the motorcycle manufacturer’s themselves. When a recall is initiated, the manufacturers must take reasonable steps to notify motorcycle owners, and to provide a remedy. Remedies may include replacing specific parts or the entire cycle.

It’s not only about the motorcycle manufacturer! Other parties that can be involved in claims include parts manufacturers, dealerships, shippers or others in the distribution chain.

Unsafe Roadways

We’ve all driven on them; unsafe roadways don’t always cause accidents. But, when they do it is grounds for an accident claim against those responsible for the design or upkeep of the roadway. Sometimes this means a private party, and other times it is a city or county agency.

Examples of an unsafe roadway include torn-up asphalt that is not properly marked; an oil spill that has not been cleaned up in a timely manner, that caused your motorcycle to skid; or inadequate signage to warn of a sharp curve or the need to slow down for safe travel. These a just a few of the hundreds of examples of an unsafe roadway.

If someone other than yourself was negligent in any way it is worth giving New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney Lee D. Gaber a call at 1-888-292-5352 (888-CYCLE-LAW) to determine if you have a case.

Even if you were partially negligent in your motorcycle accident, I can help you with your motorcycle accident settlement.