Motorcycle Accident Causes in the Words of the Victims

motorcycle accident causes in New JerseyI thought it might be interesting to my readers to put together an article using motorcycle accident victim’s own words to demonstrate the kinds of accidents that people deal with when riding their motorcycles. Some are funny, some are tragic.

I show these to impress upon you to always expect the unexpected when riding your cycle, and to ride defensively. Some of them also show that it is incredibly difficult to prove that the other driver was at fault.

You’ll notice a common theme is that they just don’t see motorcyclists.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

“I was riding on my cycle in Hawley, PA (Wayne County). I turned a corner and started down a straight away. A car on a side road to my right started to pull into the road to make a left turn. He pulled about 3’ in the road and stopped.

I moved the bike to the left side of the lane and started slowing down. He then panicked (he was only 17 years old) and said that he was in the road and tried to make his left turn.

A car was coming the other direction so he had to stop completely blocking my lane. I could only slow the bike down to about 25mph before driving into his rear wheel. I went over the handlebars and hit head first on his door pillar. I did have a full face helmet on. My shoulder hit the side window.

At that point he hit the gas and I fell straight to the ground. The bike had the front wheel pushed back into the radiator and was totaled.”

“I was behind a couple, who were arguing, the woman was driving and started to make a right off of Park Rd in Blandon PA onto Route PA73. She had her turn signal on the whole time as we were waiting at the stoplight. Indicating she was turning right, which she did once traffic started to move.

As I was approaching the intersection she decided she wanted to make a left. Her vehicle was already turning right, when she decided to turn left.

I tried to maneuver but I was running out of road because of the oncoming traffic and I went down. As I scrapped myself off the ground and yelled at her, “You were turning right!” She yelled back, I was, but he (pointing to her husband) made me turn left. Which started another argument between the two.”

“I was stopped at a red light. The car behind me, and several cars behind it, were also stopped. For some unknown reason the car behind me accelerated suddenly, hitting my bike and knocking me and my bike to the ground. My bike sustained damage, and I went to the hospital to get checked.”

My father-in-law was riding his bike at night and wrecked it going around a slight right curve. His bike went down on the left side and he slid across an intersection and hit a drainage ditch and was thrown 20 ft.

He was revived at the scene and then again two more times at the hospital. They told us his chance of pulling thru wasn’t good. He passed away on May 9th.

While at an intersection, and with the light for me to proceed STRAIGHT, another car cut in front of me and hit my motorcycle — the motorcycle appears to be damaged beyond repair and will need to be replaced — I had the right of way and I was proceeding straight.”

On July 28 my wife and I were on Rt.30 approx. 10 miles west of Gettysburg, Pa. coming east ( We each ride separate cycles). A black ford pickup ran a stop sign and took out both my wife and I.

We were both airlifted to York Trauma Center with multiple injuries each. The driver of the pickup tried to flee the accident, but the police caught him in the nearby fields.

He is charged with various charges ( DUI, no license, fleeing the scene, etc.). I believe Trooper Myers of the Gettysburg State Police said he has 22 charges against him.”

“I was a rider on the back of my friend’s bike and was hit by another rider. I was thrown into oncoming traffic and I am now scarred for life.”

Here is a crash description word for word from a police report:

“V1 was traveling east on Rt 516 when a vehicle bearing NJ reg xxxxx pulled from the 7-11 parking lot onto Rt 516 eastbound directly in front of V1, D1 had to brake suddenly causing him to lose control of the motorcycle. He maneuvered the bike onto the ground by laying on its side. He then fell off the bike and slid on the pavement. D1 believes that the motorcycle struck the other vehicle but I was unable to locate any evidence to support the claim.”

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident you can see you are not alone in being at the mercy of careless drivers!

With the right amount of insurance I am able to help most people who are injured on motorcycles in New Jersey.

Without insurance for yourself or without the other party being properly insured, you can be in the right, you can have legitimate injuries and associated bills, but there is simply no method in place to get the compensation for your accident.

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