Motorcycle Accident Causes

My career has been spent investigating NJ motorcycle accident causes, and I have seen from top to bottom what can happen on the road when a motorcycle rider deviates from having full awareness at all times.

What makes motorcycle riding so much fun is the fullness of the experience. When we are riding we like to fly along and interact with all the elements around us – the air, the weather, the road, the sights and the sounds.

These great things can also turn around and be NJ motorcycle accident causes. Awareness is the key to preventing the turn of events that make the things we enjoy into NJ motorcycle accident causes.

Motorcycle Speed

motorcycle accident causesMotorcycles are well built, highly efficient machines capable of extremely quick acceleration and can travel easily at high speeds. In my years of practice as a New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Attorney I have seen many cases where going too fast has been a factor in causing a motorcycle accident.

Watch your speedometer and make sure your speed is right for your road situation.

When in doubt slow down, because your reaction time increases and you will be able to avoid an incident that will keep you from riding again the next day!

Road Conditions

Because motorcycles only have two wheels, continuous traction with the road is essential to keeping upright as you ride. Loose gravel and water from rain or other sources are two of the things that are common NJ motorcycle accident causes.

You can lose solid contact with the road, and the result is loss of control of the bike. Scan the road surface well ahead of you to give yourself ample time to react to having these hazards in front of your path.

Visual Obstacles

Keeping a clear view may sound obvious, but many things will pop up as you ride that will obscure your sight lines and increase you odds of having a motorcycle accident. Large vehicles in the immediate vicinity create billboard situations, where you don’t know what is coming and may not be able to react until it is too late.

Make sure to maneuver away from other vehicles that are limiting your visibility as soon as it is practical.

It’s great when the sun is out for a ride, but when it’s directly into your eyes your sight is dangerously impaired. In mountain areas confusing visual contrasts are created by long shadows, especially later in the day.

Make note of sun angles among other weather conditions that are present.

Other Drivers

Whether it is a car, SUV, truck or even another motorcycle, the number one accident cause is actually out of your control – you guessed it – other drivers. Drivers can get distracted, they can suffer many of the same issues mentioned above, and they can be downright stupid around motorcycles!

Many times they just don’t understand the dynamics of a cycle, or can’t adequately judge your speed, or your ability to brake fast enough. They may make really bad decisions in front of you and around you that cause you to either hit them, another vehicle, or stationary object in order to avoid colliding with them.

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Let’s stay safe and have fun out on the road. Motorcycle lawyer FAQs